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Self Defence


Being "switched on" to your surroundings and being aware of your situation is one of the most important factors of your personal safety. WT will teach you easy to understand techniques of awareness & avoidance. A fight avoided is a fight won.

Understanding Body Language

Observing someone's mannerisms - how they stand, how they are using their hands, facial expressions and gestures - can tell you a lot about a person's intentions. WT will teach you how to recognise these signs so you can be one step ahead.

How To Use Voice Control

The effect of an assertive voice is often widely overlooked in the tuition of self defence. Yet in certain circumstances this technique can be as effective as striking someone. WT will teach you how to use your voice assertively in applicable situations.


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Controlling Fear

Fear can stop someone in their tracks, with potentially disastrous results, when everything they have learned drains from memory as the effects of a huge adrenalin surge takes over. WT will teach you how to recognise the effects of fear, to control it and use it to your advantage.

Effective Self Defense

Styles that involve power become useless when pitted against bigger, stronger aggressors. WT was designed to be soft, and will teach you how to disable your attacker without the use of strength, but using just 4 basic principles instead.

Simple And Easy To Learn System

It is scientifically proven that to learn one simple movement effectively takes 10 hours. Some styles practice literally hundreds of movements, leaving you with a knowledge of many moves, but an inability to perform any of them properly. WT will teach you how to defend yourself against 80% of attacks with just one move.


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Defending at all distances

Some styles teach you effective long range defences but nothing about close in fighting. Others are incredibly effective on the ground, but are limited in their ability whilst stood up. WT will teach you effective self defence at all five distances - long range (kicks), mid-range (punches), short range (elbows and knees) and anti grappling (ground fighting).

The Law and Self Defence

WT techniques are compliant with the law. The Blitz Defence program was developed with this in mind. Indeed the WT system is used by many organisations for the personal safety of agents, including the FBI, CIA, US Marines, the Australian Protection Service and many European Special Forces.

Self Defense is not a sport

It is important to remember that many styles teach within a sporting environment, and as such are restricted by rules. WT is not a sport, it is pure self defence. WT will teach you how to defend yourself effectively on the street, where there are no rules.

Are you ready to defend yourself?

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