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WingTsun For Women

WingTsun is the first complete self defence system, whether you are a woman or a man. Its first consideration are the differing needs of female and male students. As self defence situations for the two groups are usually very different, the system of Blitz-Defence offers the right strategy for everyone while upholding the philosophy that, where possible, dangerous situations should be avoided and conflicts, when unavoidable, should be ended as quickly as possible.

A major difference in self defence for women and self defence for men is the potential aggressor. While men are usually attacked by strangers, research has shown that in 75% of cases of violence against women, the perpetrator is someone from within their circle of acquaintance. Although most women are scared to walk through parks or parking lots by themselves at night, the reality is that their everyday life can offer more danger.

Self defence starts with small things

The motivation to take a self defence class for yourself may be that you don't want to become a victim of the type of aggressor too often seen in the news. But there is a lot more to self defence than simply avoiding physical conflict. Self defence means personal defence in all situations, including what can be taken as "harmless", everyday situations. Defence, for example, against sexist-jokes or repeated interruption when talking. Defence against men who challenge your personal boundaries by staring at them or making shameless, or lewd comments.


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Listen to your intuition

Although you may possess an early warning system that alerts you to potential danger, many women don't know how to react to situations like those mentioned above. Everyone, however, has an inbuilt warning system. It is called intuition and it warns of many things, including critical and dangerous situations. All too often, though, the "logical" brain overrides this system while an ingrained, conservative upbringing may stop you from being "rude" in uncomfortable situations. Blitz-Defence teaches, however, that intuition should always be heeded. It is an excellent adviser and the perfect frontline defence against danger.

Blitz-Defence helps you there

Blitz-Defence for you is a matter of tuning into the senses. If the senses send danger warnings, the next step of the concept follows automatically: Direct speech and body language are used to try and dissolve the problem at the outset. Only when those measures don't help are WingTsun techniques used to end the conflict swiftly and efficiently.

You have a right to defend yourself. Learn to do so effectively in a warm, friendly environment.

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