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Mark Gaunt

"I took up WingTsun after a long hunt for the right martial art to study. At the time, the biggest seller for me was the fact that WT was how Bruce Lee started out – however, any fantasies of jumping flying kicks and nunchuck battles were quickly dispelled! WT is probably the least flashy of all the Kung Fu styles. However, whatever it may lack in show it certainly makes up for in effectiveness.

It is a realistic system of self defence based on sensitivity and the flow of energy – basically, using your attacker’s force against him. Over a year and half later, not only do I feel confident in my abilities to defend myself if needed, but I have also lost weight and feel much healthier. I would definitely recommend WT to anyone interested in taking up a martial art, wanting to increase fitness or just wanting an exciting pastime that brings them into contact with new and interesting people."

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Stephen Baldwin

"WT for me is of great enjoyment, and has given me much needed self confidence. WT has also given me a goal and something to aim for. Learning a Martial Art that has different concepts to many others is also quite intriguing. Really Enjoy."

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Craig Dawson

"I've studied several different Martial Arts over the last few years and nearly gave up because none of them had what I was looking for. I wanted to know the concepts behind the movements and not get the usual response, " That is just the way it is". After a few years of training on my own and with friends, I decided to look for a Martial Arts School again. I found WingTsun, had a read up on Wing Chun and based on that i joined the school and that was the best decision that i have made. I've been training WingTsun for over 2 years now and have never looked back. Not only is it a great self defence system but it is fun and has given me loads of confidence, not just in self defence but also in other aspects on my life."

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Tom Price

"Having trained at the Leeds school for just over a year, WingTsun to me is about 3 things.

The first is learning an effective martial art which has its roots in self defence and the economy and efficiency of movement. A soft style which does not rely on brute strength or force but is built around a set of principles and a concept. This allows WingTsun to be free from the constraints of applications and techniques found in other Martial Arts and apply the most appropriate attack for any situation. It teaches awareness not only in the physical sense but also of surroundings and environment.

The second is the social aspect of WingTsun and the many different people it brings together in training and I have made many friends since I started WingTsun of all ages and backgrounds. Learning WingTsun not only brings together those who want to be able to defend themselves against aggressors but also those looking to learn new skills, and knowledge with people of a like mind.

The last is the change in myself that WingTsun has brought. My confidence in my own physical ability has increase along with a wider awareness of my surroundings which has allowed me to avoid a number of dangerous situations. Mentally I have become more focused which has helped with my training as well as in my professional work.

I would urge anyone interested in Martial Arts to visit the school for an introduction lesson as it has improved my lifestyle considerably."

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